Take Stock of your Stocks

The other day I had to postpone someone’s bankruptcy filling because of issues involving their investments. When my paralegal had plugged in the information about the stocks, she forgot to multipy the share price by the number of shares to … Continue reading

Cramming Down is Hard to Do

One of the most popular uses of Chapters 13 and 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is to reduce the claims of secured creditors so that the debtor can hold on to collateral that has become unaffordable. Generally, 11 U.S.C. §506 … Continue reading

Before you talk to a bankruptcy lawyer – think about what you are trying to do

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool, but it is inherently limited by Congress’s language and the interpretation of the Courts who read the statute. When you’re suffering from too much debt, you just want answers and you go to a lawyer … Continue reading

Better serving clients through absence

On this Wednesday, I am taking a step to give my clients better service and get them better results from the service already provided: I am leaving. NO, I am not closing up shop, I am going to the National … Continue reading

We’re growing! Amy Knapp has joined the team!

Amy Knapp has joined the firm as Of Counsel, based in our soon-to-be opened South Jersey office! Continue reading

And what did we learn today?

Yesterday, I appeared in Bankruptcy Court for status conference on a Chapter 11 case. Right before my case was heard, there was a motion hearing in a Chapter 13 case, my factual synopsis is based on the judge’s ruling. The … Continue reading

One Less Arrow in the Quiver for Foreclosure Defense Cases

The NJ Supreme Court just decided the case of US Bank v. Guillaume and removed one significant defense that mortgage debtors had been hoping to use in order to stay in their homes longer.  The Guillaume case asked the question:  … Continue reading

Hiring is up! This is good, right?

Hiring was up in December. Great for the economy, but there may be other consequences. Continue reading