No money – Big Problem

Having No Money at the End of the Month Does Not Guarantee Chapter 7 is Available to You.   This comes from a recent case out of the Northern District of Ohio, In Re Hodge – it is relatively right … Continue reading

Powers of Attorney – Is it Too Late?

Recently, I have had a wave of people coming in to get powers of attorney for elderly relatives.  Ordinarily, not a problem…..not in these cases. And why is that?  Because in each of these cases, the proposed grantor of the … Continue reading

Rage Against the Fax Machine

When I was young, my father had one of the old fax machines with thermal paper.  My brother and I were forbidden, on pain of some unspecified horrible fate from using it or giving the fax number out because of … Continue reading

The economy is improving??????

There is constant buzz in the media about how the economy is improving, how the real estate market is picking up and the recession is going away.  Much of this is true.  The question that I have, from my perspect … Continue reading

Top Five Things People Worry About in Bankruptcy – And Shouldn’t

I wrote a legal guide on Avvo yesterday about ten things to consider when thinking of talking to a bankruptcy attorney. Tonight, I follow up with the top five things that people panic about when thinking of bankruptcy and shouldn’t: … Continue reading

This Should be Interesting – Casey Anthony Files for Chapter 7 Relief

Bankruptcy lawyers around the nation now get to make their comments in the apparently never ending Casey Anthony saga! Ms. Anthony filed for relief under Chapter 7 with around $800,000 in various kinds of unsecured debt. OK…she can do that, … Continue reading

Bills to Pay – What Should People Considering or Preparing for Bankruptcy Keep Paying?

I get asked by clients quite often, “What do I have to pay when I file for bankruptcy?” This is a loaded question, since there are many obligations that will, in fact, survive the filing of a case under the … Continue reading

Why do I need a Lawyer to File for Bankruptcy – Because DIY Bankruptcies can REALLY cost you.

There are a lot of companies and “do it yourself” people who are stating that an attorney is not necessary to file for bankruptcy. This is true, to a point. You can undertake pretty much any legal proceeding on your … Continue reading

Bankruptcy for parents and caregivers for the disabled – YOU ARE SPECIAL

As state budgets reduce the funding available to assist the disabled, caretakers may be forced into bankruptcy. There are provisions in the Bankruptcy Code that take into account the extra costs involved in caring for special needs individuals. Continue reading

Cramming Down is Hard to Do

One of the most popular uses of Chapters 13 and 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is to reduce the claims of secured creditors so that the debtor can hold on to collateral that has become unaffordable. Generally, 11 U.S.C. §506 … Continue reading