Things Change – Change With Them, Even in Bankruptcy

I have had several clients contact me recently to modify their Chapter 13 plans to reflect the changing circumstances of their lives.  Some changes are good:  one couple adopted three little boys and got a loan mod; some are bad:  … Continue reading

Unemployment and Underemployment Rising, Stocks Dropping…Not Good.

Yesterday, every single index dropped quite a bit.  The Dow erased an entire year of progress and the unemployment and underemployment rates climbed.  Bond rates are awful.  What does this all mean?  The answer from me is:  I don’t know … Continue reading

One Less Arrow in the Quiver for Foreclosure Defense Cases

The NJ Supreme Court just decided the case of US Bank v. Guillaume and removed one significant defense that mortgage debtors had been hoping to use in order to stay in their homes longer.  The Guillaume case asked the question:  … Continue reading