Rage Against the Fax Machine

When I was young, my father had one of the old fax machines with thermal paper.  My brother and I were forbidden, on pain of some unspecified horrible fate from using it or giving the fax number out because of … Continue reading

Obnoxious creditors like to make outrageous threats – the best defense is a good offensive strategy

I was recently contacted by a individual who was being constantly harassed by a collection agency. He did not have a lot of debt, BUT one of his debts apparently fell into the hands of a “boiler room” type creditor. … Continue reading

Creditor Misbehavior is the Debtor’s Friend

I have had a rash of clients complaining that, even after we file their case, they are continually harrassed and pestered by creditors.  Obviously that is very much “uncool”.  Why does this happen and what can you do if it … Continue reading

Hiring is up! This is good, right?

Hiring was up in December. Great for the economy, but there may be other consequences. Continue reading