What is Head of Household Status? Warning for Chapter 13 filers!

I have seen a rash recently of clients filing for Chapter 13 relief to save their homes and problems arising when their tax returns are reviewed by the Trustee.  What’s the problem?  These are married people filing separately and one … Continue reading

Special Needs Trusts – Protection for Someone Who Can’t Protect Themself

WHAT IS A SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST AND WHY WOULD I NEED ONE? *This is the first in a series of blog posts to give the general public an overview of planning issues for people with children with disabilities.  This is … Continue reading

No money – Big Problem

Having No Money at the End of the Month Does Not Guarantee Chapter 7 is Available to You.   This comes from a recent case out of the Northern District of Ohio, In Re Hodge – it is relatively right … Continue reading

Debtor or Creditor – Why you should consult a bankruptcy attorney before doing anything touching a Bankruptcy

There is no thing in law as a true jack-of-all-trades. Many attorneys dabble in areas with which they are not all that familiar, and, if they have at least SOME familiarity or know what to ask – they will do … Continue reading

Powers of Attorney – Is it Too Late?

Recently, I have had a wave of people coming in to get powers of attorney for elderly relatives.  Ordinarily, not a problem…..not in these cases. And why is that?  Because in each of these cases, the proposed grantor of the … Continue reading

Rage Against the Fax Machine

When I was young, my father had one of the old fax machines with thermal paper.  My brother and I were forbidden, on pain of some unspecified horrible fate from using it or giving the fax number out because of … Continue reading

The economy is improving??????

There is constant buzz in the media about how the economy is improving, how the real estate market is picking up and the recession is going away.  Much of this is true.  The question that I have, from my perspect … Continue reading

A great day for consumers, not such a great day for some Native Americans

Payday lender Western Sky to Cease Funding Loans – One Less Predator Out There Continue reading

Things Change – Change With Them, Even in Bankruptcy

I have had several clients contact me recently to modify their Chapter 13 plans to reflect the changing circumstances of their lives.  Some changes are good:  one couple adopted three little boys and got a loan mod; some are bad:  … Continue reading

After a Bankruptcy – Restart Your Financial Life By Rebuilding Your Financial Reputation

Getting through a bankruptcy is just the beginning. What is also important is what happens next. We have begun offering a post-discharge credit education course to our clients through www.720creditscore.com. We offer the course FREE to new clients and existing … Continue reading